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Free Requirement Analysis Software for everyone, Just few clicks and your account is ready. We are software lover and wanted to provide cloud Requirement Analysis Software to everyone.

Designed for any device

Built with a user friendly interface, TrueRating Online Requirement Analysis Software can be used on a PC, Mac and even a tablet. If you’re in your office or travelling on the go, easily check status.

Multi user access - Role Based Access

Work with your team in real time and never worry about lost files between computers. Reduce mistakes, keep an eye on your Requirement and check your team live performance.

Your data is always safe & Secure

TrueRating Requirement Analysis Software has been built according to the latest security standards of our industry. All your data is encrypted and safely stored on TrueRating servers, in multiple locations in India.

Requirement Analysis software

With Requirement Analysis software, You can easily create, assign it to team and check live status of specific requirement. Monitor performance of your employee and track each Requirement, Try for Free.

Track Requirement & Performance

Track each requirement and monitor the Profit and loss based on each Requirement. Assign requirement to team and check team performance and idetify best performing team on one click.

Simple, Secure & Easy Analysis Software

Enjoy our user friendly and easy design, Create your requirement with just few click. Easy to setup and assign it to Team or Employee.

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  • Easy & secure access to your requirement anytime , anywhere
  • Easily assign New Requirement to Team and assign financial value to each requirement.
  • Easily check report of each requirement based on Individual Employee or Team
  • Easily check your profit based on number of requirement and Track the business which resulted in loss.
  • Easily assign the Target to each employee and check the amount (%) of target achieved by each employee..
  • Easily check Daily, Monthly or Yearly peformance of each employee or team.
  • Role based access for each employee and able to update his on requirement details.
  • Export your requirement or employee data easily in excel or pdf.

Easy and user friendly True Rating design help you to achieve your task with less time and more accurately. Easy Dashboard help Admin to analyze each activity data and take necessary action if required.

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